Blog #6 – Back to a coffee subscription

Once again it’s been a while since I wrote anything about coffee and honestly it just got pushed to the bottom of the pile. Me and my partner are doing up our kitchen, have started to garden and well lockdown has happened and is still happening.

While the first two reasons are valid the last one isn’t really if anything lockdown has given me more time to spend with coffee I am saving around 3 hours a day commuting and spending most of that extra time sleeping or making coffee!

As most people reading this I am in lockdown and staying at home as much as possible. This has lead to more coffee being consumed ( I mean a lot more!!) before lockdown I was flittering between subscription services such as pact, blue coffe box etc and buying single bags from different roasters, and the occasionally suprise bag from my partner, each time to expand my horizon. I did have a good stint of about 2 months of only ordering San Agustin from artisan roast up in Scotland I even had a kilo bag delivered the one time but alas as most people find I kept wanting to try new and different coffees and roasters. However with lockdown in place and finding my self making all of my coffee at home I want to settle on a coffee or two so that I can dial in my grinder to make it all a bit quicker and easier in the morning. Having coffee delivered regularly will be a god send, the amount of times I have run out just because I kept forgetting to order a new bag is countless but it means I have to keep doing multiple days without fresh coffee.

I have decided to return to pact coffee and have signed up for their middle tier which allows me a choice of coffees so I can stick with one of I want or change it up occasionally. Also when I do forget to order a new bag Pact has my back and won’t forget and I will still get that fresh bag I so dearly need! I should be having my delivery through in the next day or two and I am getting Ubumwe from Rwanda which has tasting notes of blackcurrant. Strange enough I actually ran out of coffee two days ago and have been stuck on peppermint tea and bad moods from no caffeine.

Just before lockdown I made a pretty good purchase and decided to get myself a sage smart grinder pro…

Sage Smart Grinder pro
This grinder really has improved my coffee beyond belief

What an improvement it is my old grinder was always producing uneven and clumpy grinds while good enough I was starting to outgrow it. I will cover more about the new grinder in a future post! I hope everyone reading this is keeping safe and healthy and remember to drink good coffee

2 thoughts on “Blog #6 – Back to a coffee subscription

  1. Great choice of grinder. I made the same purchase for my home coffee and coffee tasting work. Strikes a good balance between quality and price. Have been tempted to do a review myself. If you ever fancy a chat let me know man. Good to hear you are staying safe!


    1. Yes it’s a brilliant grinder for the price and from the research I did probably the best grinder before you start jumping into serious professional gear. My original grinder had 15 different grind levels and now with this one sometimes can feel a bit overwhelming with 60 levels plus the extra 10 you can get from inside. Hope you are staying safe ! Thanks for the comment


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