Blog #5 – It has been a while

It has been a while since I posted anything. I have had a few really busy weeks at work and have been falling asleep nice and early so I can get up at 6! My mind has been in other places and I had forgot to check on the blog during these weeks but I was sitting down last night and thought ‘Oh, I’ll check my stats’ and I just want to say thank you to everyone reading this and any of my other posts! While I’m sure my numbers aren’t anything compared to some; when I started this I was thinking it might be nice to have the odd person reading it every now and then but even without me posting I have seen a few people coming by most days to read a post or two! So as I said thank you it really made me smile. Keep reading below to find out some of what I have been up to.

About 3 weeks ago I visited a local coffee shop for their ‘home brewing course’ that I received as a gift at Christmas. They covered all the basics on grind size, blooms and water and showed us how to use an aeropress and V60, while I do know how to use both of these tools it was still a valuable experience to go and see how someone else uses these and to pick up some more recipes. The coffee shop in question was Quarter Horse in Birmingham, while there I got talking to some of the staff and about what equipment to get, mainly about grinders. I currently have a mellita molino that while good I am getting quite inconsistent grind and the burrs are wearing away after less than a year of use. At quarter horse they have the wilfa svart on display and I convinced myself to buy it but they didn’t have any stock unfortunately, so this has gone into my wish list and will definitely be what I pick up next, if you have this grinder or a grinder recommendation leave a comment please.

As mentioned at the start of my post I have been really busy in my work and personal life however I have still managed to squeeze in a V60 every morning. The last few weeks I have been enjoying the delights of Las Brisas from Square mile coffee which is a wonderfully smooth and tasty blend and the Rwanda – Kigeyo Washing Station from qaurter horse which I picked up at my course and is a sweet but slightly more acidic blend. While being really busy and drinking lots and I mean lots of coffee I wasn’t paying attention to how much I had left and I got up as I do most days at 6am went downstairs and was confronted with 8grams of coffee left where I would normally be making a 30grams 500ml V60… To say I was suddenly thrown into a confused and annoyed state in the morning would probably be an overstatement but was left scratching my head with how I let this happen. So I ran out of coffee about 3 days ago and I still haven’t bought anymore. For the last 3 days I have been ‘borrowing’ some Lidl Nespresso pods from a co worker which while not all that bad don’t come near to a fresh ground pour over.

Next week I am in Dublin and intended to visit a few specialty coffee shops there and pick up my next coffee there so if anyone has any recommendations on where to go or what coffee to get feel free to let me know.

I know this post has been a bit different to the rest but I hope you enjoyed hearing a bit more about me in this one. Thanks for reading!

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