Blog #2 The blog

So after my first post about how I started my journey into coffee I want to take a few moment to explain why I want to start the blog and how I plan of running it.

But first let’s start with the coffee I made myself this morning at 6am. I was watching James Hoffman last night and saw his v60 brew technique so decided to follow it. I used the below details

  • Maker – Hario v60
  • Coffee – 15 grams
  • Water – 250 grams
  • Grind size – fine (setting 1 on my burr grinder)
  • Brew time – approx 3 mins
  • Bloom – 30grams of water and wait 30 seconds

Brew comments : I followed James Hoffman’s techniques of swirling the coffee as it blooms and giving it a quick stir clock wise and anti clockwise while it is brewing. I got a bitter coffee out of this brew however I think this is due to the fine grind size I used (I was using left over ground coffee from the weekend when I was making some espresso martinis for some friends and I) however I had used this grind size before with the v60, I think due to the extra agitation this technique uses it resulted in an over extracted bitter coffee. It was 6am though so I still drank it.

The above is how I intend to format my blog with once a week posts about my weekly coffees and the various brew techniques I have used followed by some basic notes on the flavour. I currently have the house coffee blend from Pact which I grind myself to suit each brew technique

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