Blog #1 Where my journey started

My coffee journey started August 2018 when my parents bought me a aeropress and hand grinder for my birthday. I had no idea they were getting me this, I had never even heard of an aeropress before.


I have always enjoyed coffee and strongly believe there isn’t a good reason to drink bad coffee, but up until my aeropress this revolved around me either buying coffee from somewhere such as Costa or cafe Nero (never Starbucks) or using a caffettiere with some store bought pre ground beans. We had a mokka pot in the house but noone really knew how to use it and it was more of a decoration than a coffee maker.

I remember opening the aeropress and hand grinder and googling what it was and how to use it. This was when I first realised and learned about different grind sizes and different brewing times instead of just a scoop of store bought pre ground coffee and leave it to sit in a caffettiere for a bit. That day I probably made 5 or 6 coffees in the aeropress and my arms hurt from grinding all the beans to a medium grind, using a chart I printed off the internet to check the grind size. It’s safe to say I was becoming a little bit obsessed and it amazed me how small tweaks, to grind size or brewing technique, changes the flavour of the end product so much.

I am still in the depths of learning more about coffee and wanted to document my journey as I educate myself about one of the worlds most popular drinks, and want to put it on here so hopefully someone else can use this as a resource to learn with me!

1 thought on “Blog #1 Where my journey started

  1. Good luck on your path! My first experience with real coffee began at long gone coffee house in Dayton, Ohio in the late 1980’s…been going strong ever since! Thanks!


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